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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Dear Guests,

We would be delighted to hear your feedback on the services given to you by our hotel, and the actions we have taken regarding sustainability and the environment.

Did you read our Sustainibility Policy on our website?
Do you find the postings around our hotel about the environment helpful?
Do you find the recycling/trash separation and disposal in our hotel adequate?
Quickness of Check-in/Out
Bellboy and luggage services
Informativeness, attention and attitude of Reception
Room cleanliness
Comfort and appereance of room
Attention and attitude of housekeeping
How would you rate your own impact to sustainability for the duration of your stay? (Usage of amenities)
Hotel Maintenance and Technical Services
Presentation and variety of Breakfast Buffet
Quality and taste of food in Breakfast Buffet
Attention and attitude of food service staff

Thanks for submitting!

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