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As Istanbul’s endless variety fascinates its visitors, Turkish cuisine is also a reflection of that variety.
Modern Turkish cuisine is the fusion of Nomadic Turkic, Ottoman, Mediterranean and Levantine cuisines, which gives it a unique character and flavor profile that is unlike anywhere else in the world.
It is home to beloved dishes like Baklava, Doner, Kebabs, Pide, Sarmas/Dolmas, Mezzes, and much more.

Arena Hotel offers the opportunity to experience Turkish Cuisine first-hand with its cooking class. The aim is to let people taste Turkish food, and teach them how to cook Turkish food.

The actual classes will take place in Arena Hotel’s kitchen, conducted with the finest ingredients. The guests are going to prepare, and then enjoy the various appetizers, mains and desserts they have crafted in Arena Hotel’s Delight Restaurant. 

The classes will be taught in English.

The maximum number of people allowed for a single class is 4.

For further details about the cooking class, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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